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Israel Lives!

Israel at War

With 1,200 innocents massacred on 10/7, and more than 250 soldiers killed in the ensuing war, Israel has suffered immensely since the Hamas Massacre. As the war rages in Gaza, and heats up along Israel’s northern border, Israel’s warriors, first responders, and medical personnel need our help! One hundred percent of all funds raised will go to directly Israelis on the front lines of the war.

The Facts

Israel simply wants peace.

  • Israel has the sovereign right to defend itself.

  • Israel’s decision to warn civilians and give them time to leave northern Gaza is laudable and humane – yet the UN and others are condemning Israel for it.

Hamas only wants death.

  • Hamas’ reasons for existence are simple: the annihilation of the Jewish state and the genocide of the Jewish people.

  • Hamas are not militants, gunmen, or freedom fighters; Hamas are murderers, rapists and terrorists.

  • Hamas would not have any capability to threaten Israel were it not for arms, money and training provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Your Impact

CUFI and CUFI churches raised more than $10 million to support the following in Israel:

Replenishing first responders’ supplies
Acquiring mobile medical equipment
In-patient hospital care for the wounded
Meals for Israeli soldiers
Shelter for those left homeless
Specialized mental health treatment for survivors of the massacre

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